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Jabal 3amel Union of municipalities launches its 2013 plan with focus on women || Newspapers (Arabic)


The Union of Jabal 3amel Municipalities launched last week its development plan for the region which sets the strategic direction for the region and was drafted by specialists taking into consideration that the Union enjoys an annual budget of 1 million dollars which is normally used for development purposes.

This new plan builds up the previous achievements of the Union, which covers 16 municipalities. The work record of the Union includes the implementation of 550 agricultural, environmental, educational and developmental activities during the last period.  The activities targeted some 520 women in the region and included training in illiteracy, sewing, jewelry making, and food processing.  The Union also organized other activities including training in computer, electrical installations, maintenance of mobile phones and other technical skills that benefited some 120 young women and men.  Health awareness sessions were also implemented in addition the provision of health care services such as the provision of drugs for chronic care illnesses, medical checkups in schools as well as first aid courses.

Agricultural extension sessions were also organized namely in olive harvesting and olive oil making, taking care of fruit trees. In addition, 39 thyme fields were planted in 11 villages while seedlings and irrigation equipments were offered to the plot owners.  Tobacco plantation was given particular emphasis since this particular activity provides livelihoods to many families in the area.  In addition, the Union provided veterinary services to livestock breeders, organized training workshops in dairy production, and followed up food safety issues.

Source: Al-Safir 11 February 2013

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