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Airbnb a fast-emerging trend in Lebanon


In its Friday issue, Al Ittihad newspaper drew attention to the fast-emerging easy-to-access online property finder and vacation rentals at very competitive prices for tourists. In this respect, Al Ittihad spotlighted the portal showcasing simple, luxurious or contemporary apartments for daily rent in the capital and across Lebanon and the globe with special conditions unlike guesthouses, hotels or furnished apartments. These accommodations, the newspaper wrote, could be small apartments, modern studios, shared or single rooms for rent on daily basis found all over Lebanon. It is a new trend available for everyone, Al Ittihad went on to say. Anyone who wants to rent a flat can access the website or download the mobile application. It is possible to book and get the keys of the apartment with no need to actually see it or meet the proprietor. Prices per night of these apartments vary from USD 50, USD 150, USD 250 or even more. Young people seeking privacy are the main customers on the lookout for Airbnb services. The head of the touristic federation, Jean Beiruti, told Al Ittihad reporter that the Airbnb rental is different from a regular hotel in many ways. The landlord or property owner does not have to declare to the General Security Department the identity of his occupant/renter as is the case with guesthouses or hotels, rendering them more loose in terms of security and safety. He said this kind of accommodation does not quite compete with the notion of hotels or furnished apartments. (Al Ittihad, November 10, 2017)

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