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Blurred economic vision and wishful promises


Despite the presidential promises to focus on reforms and on the development of a comprehensive economic strategy, we have yet to apprehend a clear and concrete vision to this effect. In this respect, President Michel Aoun reiterated yesterday the obligation of the government to create appropriate jobs for students graduating from the country’s universities. Aoun was speaking to a group of children from different humanitarian and social institutions who were invited to the Presidential Palace on the occasion of Easter. Aoun made special emphasis on the development of remote rural areas in Lebanon. Meanwhile, the chair of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Tripoli, former minister Raya Hassan, voiced her optimism on the progress of the first phase of landfills works which are expected to be completed by the month of May. Hassan revealed that contacts are being made with Lebanese, Arab, Syrian and foreign investors to partake in the infrastructure and investment parts, with regard to the projected role of the northern capital in the reconstruction of neighboring Syria. Hassan pointed out to feasibility studies being prepared in cooperation with the World Bank and which noted potential sectors that can be involved in the plan, namely contracting, construction or gas and oil extraction companies, hoping that SEZ will be launched by the year 2020. (Al-Diyar 13-19 April 2017)

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