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Chile lands in Iqleem al Kharrub for women’s sake


In collaboration with the Embassy of Chile, the Ministry of State for Women’s Affairs organized on Wednesday, a seminar entitled ‘Poverty Reduction’ at the municipality of Barja, Iqlim al Kharub. The activity comes as part of a Chilean Week in Lebanon aimed at exchange of expertise relevant to women’s affairs between the two countries. Mayor Nashaat Hamiyeh stated that addressing the issue of women is fundamental, since women constitute a key pillars of society as well as its foundation. For his part, the Minister of State for Women’s Affairs, Jean Ogassapian, emphasized that "the presence of men amongst us during our presentation of the rights of women is essential, they also should struggle towards achieving full rights of women, so that women become fundamental partners in positions of political decision-making in the nation." The Ambassador of Chile to Lebanon, Martha Shalhub, stated: “We do not seek to be equal to men, for we know that men and women are not the same. What women want are equal opportunities, rights, and guarantees.” For her part, Chilean former minister and expert in women’s affairs, Carmen Andrade, considered that inequality in pay and work impedes women’s economic independence. She emphasized the need to arrive at educational and cultural policies that strengthen [gender] equality in rights and opportunities in order to eradicate all conservative traditional practices that cause sustained poverty and inequality. )Al Mustaqbal, May 19, 2017(

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