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Economic-crisis stricken Lebanon lectures on development and reconstruction


In the absence of any clear economic visions, officials continue to propagate shallow declarations. In this regard, prime minister, Saad Hariri, declared on Friday the so-termed ‘Lebanese-way’ approach to end the crisis in the region and face existing challenges through transforming a problem into an opportunity and disaster into hope. Hariri was speaking during his opening of the 2-day ‘financing reconstruction- in the aftermath of the Arab transformations’ forum organized by the Union of Arab Banks. He drew a roadmap for the post conflict phase, pointing that the size of needed actions in the Arab world prompts openness and cooperation between pan-Arab banking sectors and institutions from all countries. He called for more commitment and engagement in the global trend promoting the activation of partnership between public and private sectors, particularly in infrastructure development, the prime pillar for any economic growth. Similarly, PM Hariri announced on Thursday during the annual gala dinner of the Lebanese Industrialists Association, that the Cabinet will approve any draft or proposal submitted to it that protects the Lebanese industry. He mentioned that the stake is currently to promote productive sectors, especially those that boast high added value. “We are in need of sectors that generate jobs for the Lebanese youth, and here comes the role of the industrial sector, adding that Industry is the nerve of the economy and the engine for economic growth. For his part, the industry minister, Hussein Haj Hassan, reiterated his call for adoption of increased export/ reduced import policy through enforcing specific duty to ensure reasonable competition between imported and domestic production. Haj Hassan was speaking during his launch of the first industrial undertaking in Lebanon based on solar photovoltaic energy, that has been applied to Panda Plast plants in Neeha, the Beqaa. (Al Mustaqbal, An Nahar, Al Diyar, May 13, 14, 15, 2017)

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