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German relief kitchen to needy Syrian and Lebanese families in Baalbak


The head of the Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training (LOST) in Baalbak, Rami Lakkis, received from the head of the German NGO ‘Helpers of the Orient’, Christian Springer, a mobile kitchen with a capacity to deliver 500 free meals to needy Syrian and Lebanese families in the area. The project, Lakkis pointed out, is a continuation of previous schemes in this field, that were made possible via supportive efforts of above two associations including distribution of clothes and livestock among a number of poor households, a hydro-electric generator to the village of Talya and a garbage truck for the town of Kfardan. Springer on the other hand, said: “We asked students in Germany to paint the outside wall of the kitchen. The outcome was messages in 11 different languages from children of different nationalities, including Africans, Arabs and Syrians.” Springer explained that the project reflects a partnership among people, notwithstanding the divergent countries, regions or views toward the issue at hand, as he put it. (Al Mustaqbal, July 13, 2017)

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