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Grape molasses day in Rashaya al Wadi


The Rashaya & Beyond association, involved in development and eco-tourism, organized on Sunday October 8 the Grape Molasses Day to familiarize people with the area’s heritage and resources. Some 1,500 visitors flocked from across Lebanon to taste the traditional foodies made by Rashaya al Wadi, including honey, dried figs and, specially, the grape molasses. On the event, Nizar Mhanna, head of the above association said the aim of the activity is to introduce the town with what it boasts to tourers, particularly the conventional method of making grape molasses. Bahaa Qodami from Good Grapes association explained the stages of preparing the molasses, from picking the grapes, to washing and squeezing, boiling and condensing. (L’Orient Le Jour, October 10, 2017)

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