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Joyce Azzam prepares for climbing Kilimanjaro with 3 young Lebanese women


After her last hike to the Aconcagua summit (6962m), (news:, Lebanese mountaineering champion, Joyce Azzam, is preparing, along with three other Lebanese women, Ghaydaa, Lyan and Rawan Dakik (aged 13-16 years) from the southern town of Haris, to hit the 5883m peak of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. The expected period of the journey is 7 days passing through the Mashami trail which boasts distinctive features. Azzam’s planned journey will reportedly focus on provision of support for her peers and encouraging them to aim for innovative ventures that uplift the status of women in her country and help them demonstrate their sportive and intellectual capacities. Azzam also seeks to spread awareness on sports among young men and women bringing on a new dynamic and active lifestyle. It should be noted, that Azzam is sponsored by the WE Initiative of the BLC bank and is considered the ambassador of this landmark program which has taken a global dimension. The program to recall is aimed at empowering Lebanese women economically by helping them realize their potentials. The climber also benefits from the support of women empowerment activist, Claudine Aoun Rukoz, besides the Patrouille Des Sommets initiative administered by retired general Chamel Rukoz. (Al Hayat, April 11, 2017)
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