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Judge of urgent matters unprecedentedly sides with the mother and her infant daughter


In an unprecedented move, the Judge of Urgent Matters in Nabatiyeh, Ahmad Mizher, ruled yesterday in the case of Reemanda Sharifi allowing her to take custody of her infant Manisa and breastfeed her as she demanded this requiring the father to hand his daughter over to her mother under the penalty of a LBP 10 million for each day of delay in the implementation of the ruling. It should be noted, that the mother has filed the lawsuit the day before yesterday, but that the judge acted instantaneously realizing the high risk on the baby’s life. On the verdict, a human rights source told Al Modon electronic portal that the decision constituted a precedent in the Lebanese courts, where the judge of urgent matters has used the powers given him to lift the danger paused on a child’s life. To recall, in routine proceedings and hearings, the case would have dragged on, especially that the jurisdiction party in such matters is the Sharia Courts, the source stated. (Al Mustaqbal, An Nahar, April 21, 2017)

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