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Launch of project “Towards a more equitable law for women”


In cooperation with the Advisory Board for Planning and Development, the minister of state for women’s affairs, Jean Ogassapian, kicked off last Friday from the Chamber of Commerce in Tripoli the ‘toward a more equitable law for women’ initiative. The 6-month project aims at identifying and highlighting the limitations and flaws in the Lebanese law that could stifle the ambitions and aspirations of Lebanese women. The said project embraces four stages: 1), defining the laws that require amendment and disseminating them among groups of volunteering lawyers and later among students, 2), indexing legal provisions, 3) conducting workshops in Tripoli sponsored by Ogassapian, 4) developing recommendations and publishing them in a book to be raised to the involved minister and then to the Cabinet for ratification and approval. In the legal process, Ogassapian elucidated, NCLW has compiled studies that are being currently reviewed by above project team to identify the shortcomings and needed changes in order to reach justice and equality. This, Ogassapian maintained, covers many laws in the Penal Code, the labor and social security laws, besides some new bills that criminalize sexual harassment and related actions, as well as what he described as the ‘troublesome’ personal status law hogged by religions, disclosing that he is meeting with heads of sectarian blocs to this end. (Al Mustaqbal, July 8, 2017)

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