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Lebanon very low and regressing on Global Gender Gap


Lebanon ranked 137th out of 144 world countries and 11th among 14 Arab states, according to the 2017 World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report. The country came in the 39th place in the Gender Gap Index among 40 middle to high income countries covered by the survey. Lebanon’s global rank fell by 10 points based on the same group of states from the 2010 survey when the country was first included in the index. To note, the latter ranks countries according to their position vis-à-vis gender equality rather than according to the degree of efforts exerted in female empowerment. It also aims to calculate the gender-based disparities in each country and to monitor their progress over time. The above index is based on 4 sub-indices which are: economic participation and opportunities; educational attainment; health and survival and political empowerment. The results of the survey published in Byblos Bank Group bulletin, have shown that Lebanon had a narrower gender gap compared to Saudi Arabia, Mali, Iran, Chad, Syria, Pakistan and Yemen among Arab states. The country won 0.596 scores, closing nearly 60% of the gap. Lebanon’s score, however, came lower than the global average of 0.697 points, the middle to high income score of 0.698 points and the Arab average of 0.607 points. Lebanon’s score dropped by around 0.3% from the 2016 survey and by 2% from the 2% average of the year 2010. For the full report, kindly follow the link below: (An Nahar, November 13, 2017)

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