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Maintenance professions, a new technical baccalaureate to raise youth employability


As part of the ‘Skills for Lebanon’ program funded by the French Development Agency, the director general of the Vocational and Technical Education at the Ministry of Education, Ahmad Diab, launched the Technical Baccalaureate Maintenance Jobs degree. The above program implemented over a period of four years aims at increasing the employability of marginalized youth through upgrading the quality of technical education, as well as, empowerment of the capacities of the General Directorate of the Vocational and Technical Education and the training host technical schools. To note, the new training ‘maintenance careers’ comes as a response to a large demand every year on technicians and maintenance specialists, targeting not only the industry sector (accommodating 250 technicians annually, with a 25% contribution to the GDP), but also the construction, shopping, hospital and hospitality sectors. Job prospects for maintenance professionals are wanted for sectors like: industrial production areas (agro-food, pharmaceuticals, packaging and packing); management and maintenance of buildings, hospitals, hotels, and specialized maintenance (elevators for example). On the occasion, Diab revealed that this kind of specialty is adopted for the first time in Lebanon, noting that scholarships encourage and motivate students to enroll in the field which is not restricted to men, but which benefits females as well. (Al Mustaqbal, October 19, 2017)

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