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Marketing made-in-Lebanon products locally


The chief of the Mount Lebanon Traders Union, Nasib Gemayel, and a number of heads of trade associations in Mount Lebanon, visited yesterday the Lebanese Industrialists Association (LIA) premises where he met president Fadi Gemayel and members. During the meeting, participants discussed the challenges facing the trade and industrial sectors amidst precarious economic conditions. Both sides agreed to give traders priority for marketing their goods in the local commercial establishments of Mount Lebanon. The head of the Union launched an initiative in support of the industrial sector asking merchants to prioritize the selling of made-in-Lebanon products at their shops. He announced that as of today, traders, whether members or non-members, of Mount Lebanon associations will receive circulars to this end. In the next phase, Gemayel clarified, “we shall cooperate with the LIA and various economic groups on the development of a trade law in Lebanon that takes into consideration this matter and other issues such as regulating the big shopping centers sector.” (An Nahar, Al Mustaqbal, Al Diyar, October 10, 2017)

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