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Ogassapian pledges to improve conditions of women inmates


The minister of state for women’s affairs, Jean Ogassapian, pressed yesterday the need for solidarity of all components of society to improve the situation inside women’s prisons in Lebanon and avert unwanted violence or poor lifestyle choices after the release of female convicts. During his visit to the Barbar Prison for Women in Verdun, Beirut, Ogassapian stressed to inmates his ministry’s sincere efforts to improve their social conditions starting from society which could have very well been unfair to them forcing them to end up in prison cells. He promised to upgrade the humanitarian and life standards inside detention centers with special focus on women’s needs and privacy matters. Ogassapian underlined the importance of educating women inmates during their imprisonment term through training and dialogue sessions that allow them to spell out the motives behind their unlawful acts. He promised that his ministry will step up awareness campaigns for women in the different Lebanese regions through rehabilitation courses that aim to normalize the notion of resorting to the law for resolving a dispute instead of choosing spontaneous reactionary acts, and inspire them to become morally and financially independent. This, Ogassapian noted, will strengthen a woman’s identity and self-esteem while helping her to face any attempts to abuse or humiliate her. In conclusion, the minister pledged to follow-up on the issue for the better. (Al Mustaqbal, April 21, 2017)

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