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A profile of Jihane Khairallah, general manager of Hotel Albergo


In its issue of today, L’Orient Le Jour highlighted the profile of Jihane Khairallah, general manager of Hotel Albergo in Ashrafieh, Beirut for 11 years. In an interview with the newspaper about her distinctive management of the boutique hotel, Khairallah said there are a number of factors involved, most notably the sense of belonging, the passion and thrill of working there. The poise and magic the place imparts is inspired by the unique relationship with the guests, the way you treat the workers and staff, and by a stamina and will to do that, Albergo maître de maison boasted. The visitor feels at home, she said, but admitted that working with her is quite challenging and demanding because she is passionate and careful in doing her job. Khairallah who holds a degree in management from Sorbonne University in France, said that she worked first in Idarat Management, before she moved to Palm Beach hotel in Ain El Mreisseh area in 1998. And with the opening of Albergo Hotel, Khairallah told L’Orient Le Jour reporter, she decided to ride the waves. In 2006, she was promoted to the position of maître de maison, which she revealed was not easy to get as these posts are usually reserved for men. (L’Orient Le Jour, October 19, 2017)

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