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Skills gap in Lebanon’s and Arab labor markets


A joint study by the Middle East leading job website, and the research and consulting agency, YouGov, has shown that 63% of respondents believe there is a skills gap in the labor market in Lebanon. On the regional front, the ‘Middle East Skills Report’ has indicated that 65% of employers believe there is such a gap, 7% say there is not, with 28% say they did not know. The survey also pointed out that employers and job seekers agree on the presence of a skills gap in the MENA region. The majority of those on the lookout for employment (nearly 59%) think that there is a skills gap, while only 11% believe there is not. On the challenges facing job seekers, the report mentioned that the chief reason for not finding the right job for their skills is a lack of awareness on their part of what skills are mostly needed (33%). Just above a quarter of the job hunters (26%) found that the educational system is not helpful vis-à-vis training of students on today’s marketplace relevant skills. The report went on to say, that the gap between employers and job seekers is quite significant when it comes to time management skills and teamwork. While 87% of job seekers believe they are very good in managing time, 47% of employers think that finding applicants who own that skill is in fact one of the biggest obstacles they face in recruitment. (Al Mustaqbal, July 16, 2017)

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