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Transformation of sexual identities in the world


L’Orient Le Jour published on Saturday a report by Agence France Press (AFP) on the transformation of sexual identities in the world. The question, according to the report, is whether the world has transcended the concept of gender binary with the prevalence of the notion of gender fluidity that has discarded gender stereotypes. Today, debate focuses on sexual identity and gender, especially with the swarming images of transsexuals everywhere on the screens and in magazines. Moreover, the report went on to say, the contemporary world of fashion has thrusted aside the established stereotypes of women or men’s wear to be more representative of the crossdresser and transgender clothing style. On the subject, Joan Scott, activist in gender studies, pointed to a political battle led by the Vatican, religious fundamentalists and sometimes leftist circles that reject any transformation in perceptions and stereotypes. Scott also noted that the American President himself favored opposition to transformation when he announced he will not accept transsexuals in the US military. The AFP report further drew attention to a strong opposition to the gay marriage law in France. Another sociologist, Marie Duru Bellat, explained that transformations in concepts of gender and sexual identity in the cultural arena are challenged by a conservative movement in favor of sustaining traditional gender norms. (L’Orient Le Jour, October 7, 2017)

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