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Tunisian Alliance calls for revoking the ban on Muslim women from marrying non-Muslims


The Tunisia Alliance for Human Rights Groups called last week for revoking the 1973 decree issued by Justice Ministry banning Muslim women from marrying non-Muslims. The Alliance of some 60 local organizations signed a statement calling for scrapping the above decree which requires that a non-Muslim man who wishes to marry a Tunisian woman must convert to Islam before the Moufti of the Republic. L’Orient Le Jour which reported the news, wrote that despite the memo released in 2001 by the Tunisian Court of Cassation clarifying that the act of converting to Islam before the Moufti was not compulsory, and that there are other ways to prove it, including recognition by the couple themselves, yet, this measure was not satisfactory. Hazar Jahinawi, speaking for the Democrats Party, warned that this is not a solution to the predicament, noting that the text of the memo itself was discriminatory. The Tunisian Muslim woman, Jahinawi stated, has the right to marry whoever she wants, similar to her male Muslim national. The Alliance further explained that the above measure is contrary to the new Constitution adopted back in 2014 which guarantees the freedom of belief and equality between men and women. It should be noted, that the North African country has ratified the. Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women, which stipulates that Tunisian women have the right to choose their spouses. The Alliance finally said it hoped the decree in effect will be withdrawn by November, 2017. (L’Orient Le Jour, April 11, 2017)

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