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About CRTD.A

The Collective for Research and Training on Development-Action (CRTD.A) is a non-governmental organization registered in 2003 (registration number: 68/ad) and based in Beirut, Lebanon. CRTD.A seeks to contribute to citizenship, social justice and gender equality in Lebanon and also in countries of the region, namely: Egypt, Morocco, Bahrain, Jordan, Palestine, Yemen, and Libya.

CRTD.A's vision is to contribute to a buoyant and active NGO community, and to a thriving, egalitarian and just society in the region at large. CRTD.A is committed to values of gender equality, respect of diversity and strives for social justice. CRTD.A endeavors to take actions of the highest standards biography of professional player that reflect the needs and opportunities of a challenging and changing world.


CRTD.A works on the following key pillars, namely:

  • Women’s economic rights, participation and empowerment
  • Women’s rights to full and inclusive citizenship
  • Women’s leadership, public and political participation


For more information about CRTD.A’s work approach and its different programmes please check its dedicated website: CRTD.A


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