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What are the rules and regulations to form and administer an association in Lebanon?

Associations must adhere to Article 2 of the Organization Law legislated on March 8, 1909.  The legislation stipulates that “the organization does not need an official license upon its establishment; however, it is mandatory – according to article 6 – to notify the government after its foundation.  

For more information please check the following website:

What are the regulations to form and administer a cooperative in Lebanon?

Cooperatives fall under the Ministry of Agriculture where governed under the legislation titled, “Cooperatives Law and The Applicatory Edict” (Edict 17199) No. 121.

The Cooperatives General Directorate under the Ministry oversees and regulates cooperatives in Lebanon.

For more information on the laws and regulations on cooperatives, budget requirements, and how cooperatives dissolve, please visit the following link: