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The Garden Show & Spring Festival || Namlieh || May 29th- June 2nd 2012

Saturday, June 2, 2012

For four years running, Namlieh participated in The Garden Show & Spring Festival between May 29th-June 2nd, 2012 at the Beirut Hippodrome.
This year the Garden Show hosted over 220 exhibitors and received more than 22.000 visitors mainly from Lebanon, but also from Syria, Jordan, and other Arab countries.
Located in the food and crafts section, Namlieh displayed traditional food products made by rural women and introduced visitors to the work of Rural Women Cooperatives.
The Garden Show visitors, which included regular Namlieh customers, enjoyed tasty samples of roasted wheat and assortments of traditional Lebanese sweets while chatting with staff members on the work of rural women.
The Namlieh stand presented a wide range of pantry items including jams, pickles, herbs, spices, and grains that drew the attention of hundreds of visitors during the show.
This event was covered by most of the Lebanese media, giving plenty of exposure to Namlieh and the Rural Women Cooperatives and was supported by the Regional Economic Empowerment of Women Project funded by Canadian International Development Agency and administered by Oxfam Quebec.



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