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Lebanese mothers and fathers both are now equally entitled to request travel documents for their children

Opportunities and Obstacles

إنتصار جديد يضاف إلى حقوق المرأة في لبنان

The General Directorate of General Security issued an administrative memorandum which provides women and men equal rights in issuing travel documents and approval to travel for their underage children.  This decision came into effect as of 2 January 2014 after being uploaded on the Directorate General’s website.
To be noted that the Progressive Women Union (PWU) launched a campaign over one year ago calling for the elimination of discrimination against Lebanese women in this particular issue.  The Campaign was funded by MEPI and was based on a legal study carried out by lawyer Paul Morcos and which seemingly played an important role in convincing the DGGS, according to the statement issued by the PWU.
Prior to that decision, the DGGS required both parents consent for acquiring travel documents for children below 7 years of age whilst consent for travel was only the prerogatives of fathers.

Published on Dec 18, 2013

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