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Women prisons in Lebanon

Educational Material

Lebanese Women Prisons, Film by Rein Hassoun

This short film was produced to highlight the conditions of women prisoners and their suffering, within the project entitled: “Reinforcing policies and the practices of human rights in women prisons in Lebanon”, which is implemented by Diakonia launched yesterday, in collaboration with Dar Al-Amal, Caritas, and RDFL. The film showed that the living conditions in all four women prisons in Lebanon are not in accordance with international standards. It added that there are no specific administrative policies that regulate the situation of women in prisons.  The video also highlighted special cases such as pregnant women who deliver in prisons and the fate of their children, those forced to live in insalubrious conditions, the incarceration of minors and adults together as well as “sorting” of inmates according to race rather than according to the type of their offense.

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