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Saudi Women Speak: 24 Remarkable Women Tell Their Success Stories

Publisher: Arab Institute for Research and Publishing
Author: Mona Almunajjed
Type: Book
Date: 2006
Location in CRTDA: Independent Resources and Information Services (IRIS)

This is the first book to offer a distinct portrait of women in Saudi Arabia. It presents the views, thoughts and beliefs of a selection of educated and professional Saudi women. It is based on a series of personal interviews carried out by Dr Mona Al Munajjed with twenty-four of Saudi Arabia's remarkable women. It is the first time that these outstanding Saudi women have been interviewed and talk about themselves. They are well-known personalities who recount the events that shaped their childhoods, lives and careers, recalling past experiences while revealing valuable moments from the present. These prominent women are helping to shape the new age and the new generation of Saudi Arabia. With their education, skills and motivation, women are today an essential element of revitalization for Saudi Arabia. This book provides an accurate and clear vision of what Saudi Arabia is today and the gradual development of the country through the personal interviews with Saudi women. Reviews: 'Fascinating book. The grotesque stereotyping of Muslim women is one of the most insidious forms of the uninformed Islamophobia that is so prevalent today. Mona AlMunajjed introduces to us real women at the cutting edge of change in Saudi Arabia and through them suggests solutions.

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