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Women's labour migration in the context of globalisation

Publisher: Women in Development Europe (WIDE)
Author: Anja K. Franck & Andrea Spehar
Type: Report
Date: 2010
Keywords: Women's migration, Globalisation, Women empowerment
Location in CRTDA: Available online
Migration of women is certainly not a new trend, but it has only just begun to be recognised more widely. Women currently make up around half of the world's estimated 210 million international migrants. Women – old or young, single or married, with or without their families – are increasingly moving across national borders in an effort to improve their own and their family's wellbeing. Despite the diversity of women's migration patterns, their manifold reasons and causes for moving, women's labour migration stimulated by large economic and social inequalities in the world is becoming ever more significant. This publication is part of a wider range of activities that aim to strengthen links and cooperation between European women's organisations and migrant women's groups and networks. It reflects part of WIDE's ommitments made in its strategic programme 2008– 2011: An End to Contradictions: Working on Gender Equity and Social Justice – West, South, East, which includes awareness-raising and capacity-building on new global patterns of social exclusion, poverty, inequalities and movement of people impinging on women's rights and access to decent work and sustainable livelihoods as key issues.

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