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CRTD.A || Her Blood is Lebanese || Nationality Campaign

Sit in    December 29, 2011     Lebanon    Beirut

Organizing party: CRTD.A’s My Nationality is a right for me and my family campaign
Title of the Event: Her blood is Lebanese
Venue: In front of the Ministry of Interior and Municipality in Sanayeh (Beirut)
Date & time: 29/12/2011 - 3:00 PM
Other information: Join us to protest the law petition endorsed by the Cabinet and proposing to restore Lebanese nationality for immigrants OF MALE LEBANESE DESCENDANTS ONLY
Join us to ask Prime Minister Mikati about the egalitarian law petition submitted by the Nationality Campaign on July 2011 and requesting full equality on women and men’s right to transmit nationality
For further information, contact us on 01-423659 and 01-397813

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