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A sit in today in solidarity with victims of violence without discrimination

Protest    June 26, 2015      group of civil society and human rights organizations    Beirut

On the occasion of the international day for the support of victims of violence, a group of civil society and human rights organizations along with the syndicate of lawyers in Beirut have called for a protest today at 8:30 pm at the Museum Plaza in Beirut. Protesters are condemning all forms of torture and without discrimination on the basis of race, creed, nationality or belief.  This move was motivated by the recent news of torture perpetrated against Islamist inmates in the Roumieh prison.

Beirut Bar Association
Legal Agenda
Civil Observatory for the independence and transparent of the judiciary
Joy of Giving
Justice and Mercy
Lebanese Women Democratic Gathering
Arab NGO Network for Development
Lebanese Foundation for Democracy and Human Rights
Lebanese Center for Human Rights
Karama organization
Frontiers Ruwad Association
Committee for the Families of the Kidnapped and Disappeared in Lebanon
Environmental Movement
Wahdatouna Khalasouna

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