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Zoukak || Street Performance "Nes bsamneh w nes bzeit" || Beirut

March 8, 2014

Organizing party: Zoukak
Title of the event: Street Performance "Nes bsamneh w nes bzeit"

Date & time: 8-3-2014 – 2:00 PM
Venue: in front of the National Museum, Beirut

Other information: Zoukak’s “Nes bsamneh w nes bzeit” street performance will launch the march against gender-based violence organized by KAFA on Saturday, from the National Museum to the Palace of Justice in Beirut .
“Nes bsamneh w nes bzeit” (“some people are coated in ghee and others in oil”, a Lebanese saying that denounces social discrimination) by Zoukak, is based on work by the KAFA Violence & Exploitation organization documenting testimonies of victims of domestic violence. The march aims to pressure parliament into legislating a law protecting women against domestic violence, prompted by several recent incidents that led to the death of a number of married women.

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