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Consultancy for Designing Database

Thu, 01/02/2014 - 16:58
Job key data
Job title: Consultancy for Designing Database
Organisation: Welfare Association
Job type: National and local associations
Location: Beirut - Lebanon
Working area: Beirut - Lebanon
Job sector: Gender & Development
Deadline: January 19, 2014
Job specifications

Background and Context
The Welfare Association is in the process of implementing a four year project “Empower marginalized communities in South Lebanon”. The project is funded by the Big Lottery Fund in the UK and includes Data base component focused on Palestinian refugee families living in the camps and gatherings of the Tyre area in South Lebanon.
An IT specialist will create a database, with definitions following World Health Organisation (WHO) standards as closely as possible. The database will be updated and managed by (Palestinian Women Health Organization) PWHO staff members. This will facilitate the tracking of CBR interventions, as well as create a baseline of knowledge and serve to influence the design of future CBR activities, by recording the improvements of activities of daily life and other measures.

WHO/UNESCO/ILO guidelines:
“supporting people with disabilities to maximize their physical and mental abilities, to access regular services and opportunities, and to become more active contributors to the community and society at large; activating communities to promote and protect human rights of people with disabilities for example by removing barriers to participation; facilitating capacity building, empowerment and community mobilization of people with disabilities and their families.”[1]
The project will specifically target the families of CWD (Children with Disabilities), aged 0-4, with the aim of preventing further health problems and ensuring that skills and interventions are provided early in life.
The project will benefit some of the most disadvantaged people, in an already highly marginalised population in 9 Palestinian gatherings and 3 Palestinian refugee camps located in South Lebanon, which are known for being among the poorest in the entire country.

Key responsabilites:

Methodology and Technical Approach

  1. Consultant is expected to conduct several discussion sessions with allocated specialist in the CBR field and to conduct an accurate system requirement analysis. The system must include the following elements:
  • Demographic data
  • Case load information
  • Disability information
  • Services provided
  • Case progress assessment details
  1. Consultant will provide a full description of proposed system which should include required inputs /outputs (including reports) for discussion and approval by WA management.
  2. On approval, Consultant must provide deliverables (CBR database) as per schedule that will be agreed.
  3. Consultant must train required staff on completed database
  4. Consultant must conduct debugging and finalization.
  5. Consultant will hand over the source code with full and sufficient documentation to WA
  6. Maintenance of the database should be included, free of charge, for the first six months and consultant should provide quotation for yearly maintenance costs thereafter.

Activities and Tasks

  • System analysis
  • Provision of a database schema and design
  • Implementation (including training)
  • Reporting
  • Debugging and finalization
  • Handover including source code
Key competencies:

IT specialist(  minimum 3 years’ experience)

Contract terms:

Please send the completed supplier profile form and your offers by email, mail or fax marked CBR training to the following address before 19th of January 2014 (17.00pm):

Welfare Association – Lebanon Branch
Wata Mousseitbeh, Gabriel El Morr Street, Naseeb Zouheiry Building, 5th floor, or  Tel: +961 1 303218/307218
Fax: +961 1 319218

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