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Consultant to Develop Advocacy booklets in Kurdistan, North Iraq

Fri, 09/21/2012 - 13:57
Job key data
Job title: Consultant to Develop Advocacy booklets in Kurdistan, North Iraq
Organisation: Oxfam - GB
Location: Middle East
Working area: Middle East
Job sector: Gender & Development
Deadline: October 10, 2012
Job specifications

Under a project funded by the European Union titled "Promoting working with men and boys to end violence against women in the Middle East", Oxfam GB is seeking a consultant to develop four advocacy booklets that will give civil society organizations in Kurdistan, North Iraq, a clear understanding on how to influence decision makers to actively work for ending violence against women. The key institutions target groups are namely the judiciary (judges and lawyers), religion (religious leaders), the police, and political leaders.
This project is an extent of a three years programme that started in January 2009 to promote strategies and approaches of working with men and boys to eliminate Violence against women. At that stage, the project focused on building the capacity of women's organizations with knowledge and skills for working with men towards ending VAW and thus by their engagement with men, to positively change the attitudes, practices and policies of men and boys.
Within the same scope, the current overall program objective, which started in January 2011, is to contribute to the efforts of civil society organizations in the Middle East in countering gender stereotypes to combat the root causes of Violence against Women. The specific objective is to bring about an improvement in attitudes and practices of men, and government to end VAW in the Middle East specifically in Lebanon, Jordan, oPt and North Iraq.
Under Result 1 of the Project related to enhancing the capacity of 16 CSO's to effectively influence men in key institutions to take positive actions to end VAW in Lebanon, Jordan, oPt and North Iraq, Oxfam have identified the need to target decision makers in key institutions to influence their attitudes, behaviors and practices related to violence against women in each of the targeted countries (Lebanon, Jordan, oPt and North Iraq).
Advocacy booklets targeting these institutions within the Lebanese context have been developed in Lebanon. In Jordan and oPt, The booklets are in the final stage of development.
Therefore, Oxfam is seeking a consultant to develop the four advocacy booklets for Kurdistan, North Iraq. The four advocacy booklets will need to be developed based on the review of the advocacy booklets that have been produced in the other targeted countries and in consultation with other stakeholders such as prominent religious leaders from different religions, the lawyers' syndicates, human rights activists etc to come up with a framework for advocacy for the four target groups in the identified institutions to influence their attitudes, behaviors and practices related to VAW.

Please check the attached PDF document to review all the details about the vacancy.

Key responsabilites:

The consultant is expected to deliver on the following tasks:

  • Secondary data review of relevant materials related to working with men and boys to end violence against women in Lebanon and the region
  • Review of the advocacy booklets that has been produced in the three other countries
  • In country (North Iraq), consultation, in depth interview and focus groups with the targeted key institutions following a participatory approach
  • The consultant will document the meetings with the different stakeholders and communicate them with the Project Coordinator
  • Share the outline of the advocacy booklet with Oxfam for approval
  • Test the first draft with the key institutions
  • Submit the final version of the four advocacy booklets
  • The consultant will give a presentation of the advocacy booklets as well as the findings for the trainees of "women and men...hand in hand against violence" who will use the advocacy booklets to conduct the awareness raising sessions in North Iraq
  • The consultant is expected to meet the deadlines specified in the ToR
Key competencies:

Oxfam is looking for a consultant or two with strong record in developing advocacy booklets and gender expertise.

The specific skills and competencies we seek include:

  • Proven experience of gender issues
  • Proven experience in developing booklets and manuals more precisely advocacy booklets
  • Familiarity with issues related to gender equality and masculinities
  • Knowledge of gender, women's rights and Theory of Change
  • Demonstrable evidence of analytical and conceptual thinking
  • Knowledge of violence against women and women issues in the Middle East and precisely in North Iraq is an asset
  • Experience working with Iraqi NGO's
  • Experience working with the four targeted key institutions
  • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills in Arabic. English skills are an asset
  • Ability to commit to deadlines
Contract terms:

The budget for this task is approximately 10,000 USD - 12,000 USD including all type of expenses (Travel, perdium, transportation, calls, design, printing & translation of the manual....)
Prices must be quoted in USD and include all expenses necessary to perform the contract.

Applicants with the experience and skills described above are invited to submit the below:

  • CV including contactable three references
  • A cover letter of no more than 2 pages introducing the consultant experience and how the skills and competencies described above are met, with concrete examples Please also use this cover letter to indicate consultants' availability at critical periods
  • An outline of no more than 2 pages of the proposed process and key considerations
  • A 1-page budget covering all major anticipated costs (Oxfam prefers to pay an agreed price for the totality of the work including the field trips to North Iraq)
  • One example of a previous similar task
Original Ad: Oxfam GB __ Consultant to Develop Advocacy booklets in North Iraq.pdf

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