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Emergency WASH Project Coordinator

Fri, 08/01/2014 - 00:00
Job key data
Job title: Emergency WASH Project Coordinator
Organisation: Welfare Association (WA)
Job type: National and local associations
Location: Beirut - Lebanon
Working area: Beirut - Lebanon
Job sector: Aid and Development
Deadline: August 6, 2014
Job specifications

Welfare Association (WA) is an independent non-profit organization established in 1983 by a group of Palestinian business and intellectual figures to provide development and humanitarian assistance Emergency WASH Project Coordinator ( to Palestinians in the West Bank including Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip, 1948 Areas, and the Palestinian communities in Lebanon. As a leading non-governmental Palestinian development organization, Welfare Association strives to make a distinguished contribution toward furthering the progress of the Palestinians, preserving their heritage and identity, supporting their culture and building civil society. It aims to achieve these goals by methodically identifying the Palestinian people’s needs and priorities and establishing the soundest mechanisms to maximize the benefits from the available funding resources. Working in close coordination with local NGOs, WA has been implementing projects in the Palestinian camps and “gatherings” of Lebanon for 30 years. Programmatically, WA focuses on the sectors of education, health, social development, arts & culture, and emergency.
 Emergency WASH Project Coordinator
The proposed project is an emergency WASH intervention targeting Palestine refugees from Syria (PRS), Palestine refugees from Lebanon (PRL), and Syrian refugees residing in some of the most marginalised localities in Lebanon: the Palestinian “gatherings” located in the low-lying coastal areas around Tyre in South Lebanon that are neither connected to Lebanese municipality water supply, nor under UNRWA’s mandate.
This intervention aims to provide improved access to adequate quantities of safe water in the water-scarce, conflict-affected Palestinian gatherings of South Lebanon during the dry summer months, through:

  1. Augmenting the local power supply in order to boost water supply (provision of diesel fuel, oil and filters for generators required to operate the water pumps);
  2. Ensuring adequate quantities of water are pumped (installation of additional community-level pumps to ensure continued service);
  3. Conducting critical rehabilitation of existing water distribution pipes and associated valves to improve the efficiency and conservation of the existing water supply between source and households, and providing household-level valves to reduce water wastage;
  4. Enabling safe conservation of adequate quantities of water amongst vulnerable households (provision of water storage tanks to households that currently lack safe water storage facilities);
  5. Raising awareness amongst target population regarding water conservation and preservation techniques.  

The project will improve water access for a diverse but equally marginalised population: Palestine refugees from Syria (PRS), Palestine refugees from Lebanon (PRL), who constitute the host community) and Syrian refugees.

Key responsabilites:

The following task must be carried out in cooperation with the Programs Manager and the Country Director of Welfare Association – Lebanon Branch:

  1. Regular technical and administrative management of the project component(s) to be implemented in Lebanon.
  2. Supervise the regular implementation of the activities as scheduled in the project proposal and coordinate the activities directly implemented by field staff/partners.
  3. Participate in coordination meetings organized by international and local agencies.
  4. Report on the progress of the activities.
  5. Support the Programs Manager in identifying and developing new project proposals in the emergency sector.
  6. Lead the budget planning and preparation, and control expenditures.
  7. Ensure procurement of all requisite materials and supplies in accordance with WA procurement procedures.
  8. Supervise and facilitate the implementation of needed logistics for visits, travel, etc.
  9. Maintain excellent relations with stakeholders internally and with field staff, partner organisations, volunteers and beneficiaries.
  10. Supervise program and project implementation through:
  • Maintaining regular contact with field staff, volunteers and beneficiary organizations, and conduct regular field visits to program sites in Lebanon.
  • Soliciting and reviewing technical and financial reports from beneficiary organisations/partners, and following up on issues needing further clarifications or additional supporting documents.
  • Monitoring the implementation process to ensure the achievement of program / project deliverables in terms of both time and quality.
  • Ensuring proper program and project closure including the design and implementation of internal and external program evaluations
  • Regular visits (minimum 50% of time spent in the field) to the targeted gatherings to support field-based staff in implementing the various planned activities and monitor activities’ impact.
  • Weekly meetings with all project staff to discuss project progress and challenges and review accordingly.
  • Collection of photos, attendance sheets, and success stories to document implementation of activities
  1. Reporting: Compiling full reports for WA & OCHA according to required formats and procedures.
  2. Assist in reporting for other projects funded by external donors when requested.
Key competencies:
  • Work experience in INGOs in similar roles;
  • Familiarity with the PRS and Syrian refugee context in Lebanon;
  • Previous experience working in a humanitarian/relief context (desirable);
  • Previous community outreach experience (desirable);
  • Familiarity with water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) issues in an emergency setting (desirable);
  • Fluency in English and Arabic (spoken and written).
  • Driving license
  • Experience required: 3 to 5 years
  • Education degree: Bachelor Degree
Contract terms:

Applicants should submit a resume that highlights the relevant experience;
Please submit the application in English, entitled "Shelter Engineer – Welfare Association” to the following e-mail address:

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