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Executive Director

Wed, 08/12/2015 - 00:00
Job key data
Job title: Executive Director
Organisation: SOS Children’s Villages
Job type: National and local associations
Nationality: Austria
Location: Beirut
Working area: Sferai/ South Lebanon
Job sector: Child Care
Deadline: August 22, 2015
Job specifications

Position title: Village Director

Contract: Full time position

Location: Sferai/ South Lebanon

About SOS Children’s Villages Lebanon:

Founding Year: 1964

Registration Number: 189/AD

Organization type:
 ●       National Civil Society Organization

 ●        Beirut

Sectors of intervention:
●        Children & Youth
●       Family
●        Training & Capacity Building

Country of origin:
 ●        Austria


The Lebanese Association of SOS Children's Villages is a non-profit private social organization, both politically and denominationally independent. It was founded in 1964 and registered in the ministry of Social Affairs under No. 189/AD. It is legally recognized as a Lebanese welfare organization under the decree of public utility No. 5830.

The Lebanese Association of SOS Children's Villages responds to children's needs through the SOS child based model of care by:

• Providing family-based child care to children without parental care within the SOS Children's Villages.
• Supporting families at risk of child abandonment through Family Strengthening .

There are 4 SOS Children's Villages (in Bhersaf-Metn, Kfarhay-Batroun, Sferai- South, and Ksarnaba-Bekaa), 4 Youth Houses for boys and 4 for girls and 2 Social Centers ( Beirut and Ksarnaba)

470 children are provided family based child care within the 4 SOS Children's Villages and 8 Youth Houses. 2000 children and their care givers currently participate in the Family Strengthening.


Office location: SOS Bldg., Monseigneur Chibli Street

Area: Jesr El Bacha

City: Sin El Fil

Additional directions: P.O.Box: 55-242 Beirut


Key responsabilites:


 1. Acts as the Leader of the SOS Children’s Village

a)  Maintains the SOS philosophy and ensures that all staff are familiar with the history, philosophy, principles and policies of SOS.

b)  Ensures that the SOS Children’s Village operates in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Association and SOS-Kinderdorf International.

c)  Holds regular meetings with all staff to discuss current activities, problems, concerns, and new ideas, in order to ensure open communication and cooperation.

d)  Involves SOS Mothers, Youth Leaders and Project Representatives in the decision making process.

e)  Acts as overall administrative head of all projects in the Village, overseeing all their activities including construction, finances, sponsorship, child admissions, maintenance and personnel administration.

2. Acts as ‘Father’ to the Children

a)  Ensures the health, welfare and development of all children, serving as a role model and playing an active part in their lives.

b)  Promotes and supports family relationships by spending quality time with individual children and their families.

c)  Provides compassionate discipline and counsel to children whenever necessary. Provides advice, guidance and support to children on personal and social issues.

3. Provides Support and Guidance to the SOS Mothers

a)  Creates a secure, positive and motivating environment for SOS mothers, in order to encourage their long-term commitment to the children.

b)  Holds regular meetings with SOS Mothers to discuss new ideas, problems and concerns, and to promote open communication and cooperation.

c)  Spends quality time with individual Mothers, acting as their friend, supporter, counsellor and confidant. Supports Mothers with day-to-day challenges such as child discipline.

d)  Encourages recreational and sporting activities for Mothers to promote their health, confidence and motivation.

4. Guides the Educational Development of the Children

a)  Ensures that the educational needs and abilities of each child are addressed through continuous monitoring and reviewing of each child’s progress.

b)  Works in cooperation with pedagogical staff to plan educational programmes geared to the individual needs of each child. Conducts regular reviews of such programmes.

c)  Creates a stimulating learning environment in which academic progress is encouraged through the provision of guided homework sessions, remedial classes etc.

d)  Prepares holiday programmes ensuring that sufficient educational and recreational activities are offered to the children to prevent boredom and monotony.

e)  Arranges cultural activities to educate the children in local culture and custom.

5. Builds a Committed and Effective Staff Team

a)  Oversees the selection, training, appraisal and development of staff, to ensure that only the best staff are employed, and that they are developed to reach their full potential.

b)  Provides advice, guidance, support and leadership to all Village staff, motivating them to work as a ‘family’ in pursuit of the best interests of the children.

c)  Ensures comprehensive communication to all Village staff.

d)  Upholds the rights and responsibilities of each staff member, ensuring that a positive degree of discipline is maintained, and that a healthy relationship exists at all times between SOS staff and children.

e)  Gives an example of integrity and lives the SOS values.

6. Develops Good Relations with Sponsors and the Community

a)  Assists in public relations activities from time-to-time, as directed by the National Coordinator, to further the ideals and reputation of SOS.

b)  Provides a link with schools, community groups, civic associations, service groups, and other community based bodies and organisations.

c)  Maintains good relationships with local and international sponsors through ensuring prompt correspondence and providing regular updates on child progress.

7. General

a)    Protects the children in our care from all forms of physical or mental violence, injury or abuse, neglect or negligent treatment, maltreatment or exploitation, including sexual abuse.

b)    Handles all SOS property appropriately, including the financial resources of the organisation.

Key competencies:


Experience required:
● 3 to 5 years

Education degree:

Bachelor Degree in Human Sciences: Education, Psychology, Pedagogy, Social Work


Arabic: Good English: Good French: Good


Contract terms:


Submission guidelines: The primary role of the Village Director is to be ‘father’ to each SOS child and family. As ‘father’ he takes an active part in the growth and development of each child, ensuring their physical, emotional, social and spiritual welfare. In addition, he supports the Mothers and other staff in working towards the best interests of the child.

Interested candidates should send their CV and a motivation letter to with the subject line: Village Director Vacancy no later than Thursday the 22nd of August 2015. Only short listed candidates will be contacted.


Charbel Aoun
Fax: 961 1 499808

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