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Programme Assistant - AMAL Programme

Mon, 12/10/2012 - 13:54
Job key data
Job title: Programme Assistant - AMAL Programme
Organisation: Oxfam - GB
Location: Beirut - Lebanon
Working area: Beirut - Lebanon
Job sector: Gender & Development
Deadline: December 18, 2012
Job specifications

To work with others to find lasting solutions to poverty and suffering.
Oxfam has been working in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region for over five decades and over the past four decades promoting gender equality and supporting women's right to participate and be represented in governance and decision-making structures and processes.
This focus is complementary to other areas of Oxfam's work on women's rights and to the broader goal of Oxfam to contribute to a 'world without poverty.' Oxfam is committed to supporting women, men and children, living in poverty, to claim their rights to sustainable livelihoods, to basic social services, to life and security, to be heard, and to an identity.
AMAL is a three-year multi-country programme to be implemented jointly by Oxfam GB, Oxfam Novib, Intermon Oxfam and partners, which is aimed to promote active participation and leadership of women in the MENA region, including the poorest and most marginalised women, in local, national and regional governance structures and decision-making processes, therefore, ensuring that they have a say in formulation and/or their needs and priorities are reflected in socio-economic policies and practice at all levels. The programme is set to be implemented in the OPTs, Morocco, Tunisia and Yemen.

Part of Lebanon regional gender equality programme in general, and Amal programme team in specific.
To support the implementation of Amal Programme regional component and management committees of the programme.


  • Coordination of Steering Committees and other gender groups;
  • High use of Oxfam system of information sharing including SUMUS;
  • High level of organizations to regional events;
  • Help in various reports and relevant reporting tasks;
  • Requires filing system to ensure preparedness for audits;
  • Contribute to Amal programme wider strategy and goal;
  • High level of data upload in Oxfam OPAL system;
  • Often working as part of a management team within a larger program unit;
  • To play active role in lobby and advocacy on issues related to programmes through personal contacts and co-ordination of allies;
  • To take part in public campaigns based on agreed plan of action and objectives. .
Key responsabilites:
  • Work closely with the Programme Manager to develop the regional programme's activities, with clear phasing and time frame;
  • Ensure wide range of consultations with relevant actors in various components and agree time frame of activities;
  • Work closely with Oxfam logistics officer to ensure timely and cost effective procurements of services;
  • Issue contracts for the regional partners;
  • Translation of some limited in size documents and translation for missions coming for the programme visit;
  • Monitor the performance of partners in the regional component as per the agreed action plan;
  • Issue contracts and be part of the gender innovation fund in the region;
  • Ensure CBOs and NGOs reporting on the innovation fund;
  • Filling system for the programme (soft and hard copies);
  • Liaise closely with Oxfam logistics officer to arrange for regional events;
  • Record and prepare the minutes of the meetings of the Steering Committees;
  • Organize for the programme partners and staff exchange visits; lobbying visits, among others;
  • Report writing for different pieces of work;
  • Set up delivery plans for regional conferences including follow up with researchers; media and ensure events' files are well prepared;
  • Support the regional gender working group of OI by ensures proper documentation and placing the minutes of the meetings in SUMUS system of Oxfam;
  • Work as focal points for the various arrangements of the inception phase of the programme at regional levels;
  • Minor support to HR issues of the Amal team in close coordination with Oxfam HR Manager in Lebanon office;
  • Ensure wide range of sharing relevant documents among affiliates;
  • Work closely with the media and advocacy staff to ensure the learning of the regional component is well captured and documented;
  • Minor budget management of the regional component;
  • Ensure Amal team applies all Oxfam policies and procedures.
Key competencies:
  • Sound experience in project management including report writing;
  • Sound understanding of the development and relief context within the region and the work of Non Governmental Organisations and other allies in the NGO sector;
  • Ability to coordinate with wide range of stakeholders;
  • Ability to plan workloads and demonstrate accountability for outputs, according to the requirements of an evolving corporate strategy;
  • Demonstrable understanding and experience of gender and diversity issues and proven commitment to addressing inequalities in all the key areas of responsibility;
  • Effective communication skills in speaking, and writing;
  • Good skills in using IT including power points presentation;
  • Fluency in written and spoken English. Fluent Arabic speaker essential (other language(s) spoken in the region an advantage);
  • Good interpersonal skills and demonstrable awareness of own strengths and areas of weakness and evidence of self managed learning;
  • Compatibility with Oxfam's values essential, combined with sound commitment to humanitarian and development issues and Oxfam's ethos.
Contract terms:

Postholder reports to: Programme Manager - Amal Programme
Staff reporting to this post: None

None , but oversight budget of the regional component. programme
SALARY: 1300 USD per month in addition social security payments
LEVEL: D2, National, fixed-term till September 2015
Contact Email:

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