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Program/Project Officer

Mon, 01/02/2012 - 11:43
Job key data
Job title: Program/Project Officer
Organisation: Oxfam
Job type: United Nations & other international organizations
Nationality: lebanese
Location: Lebanon
Working area: Lebanon
Job sector: Social and Community Development
Deadline: January 15, 2012
Job specifications

Oxfam purpose:
To work with others to find lasting solutions to poverty and suffering

Job purpose:
To work with the Oxfam team in Lebanon, Regional team in Oxford, Regional Gender Coordinator, Iraqi partners of Women Access to Justice Programme), regional women's networks and organizations, donor of the programme, other relevant stakeholders


  • High level of engagement with partner organizations staff at different levels Engagement with women beneficiaries
  • High level of networking with external actors including media and key stakeholders engaged in women's access to legal rights
  • High level of team work
  • High level of organizations and coordination with a wide range of stakeholders


Key responsabilites:

Programme partnership and partners' support

  • Establish strong relationship with the partners in Iraq
  • Prepare partners' contracts, and amendments when deemed necessary
  • Provide technical assistance and support as deemed necessary in particular in areas related to monitoring to partners, using different training techniques
  • Support partners' required reports, ensure accuracy and detailed data, and timely delivery of activities by partners
  • Timely responses to partners' queries

Programme monitoring, learning and evaluation

  • Manage and support base line data of the programme with partners, to monitor change, and validate against the programme logical framework
  • Conduct at least 2 trips to the partners annually and submit monitoring reports
  • Conduct as needed emergency trips to partners
  • Prepare donors' reports and prepare the schedule of the donor's review
  • Ensure that data related to the programme is uploaded in Oxfam Project Accountability and Learning (OPAL) system
  • Hold Learning reviews according to the programme plans with the partners
  • Capture learning and document the work of successful stories, to ensure that the programme inputs are producing positive results in the lives of women

Programme management

  • Regular monitoring of the programme budget, and request of budget realignment as deemed necessary
  • Review and ensure that the programme implementation is guided and in compliance with the donor's contract
  • Update programme data in Oxfam system
  • Prepare monthly and quarterly reports on programme progress and assist in the preparation of debriefing to line manager
  • Develop, accurate and updated filing system for the programme and for each partner
  • Develop TORs for the consultants of the Mid Term Review and Final evaluations


  • Lead on the implementation of Oxfam activities, as specified in the programme document
  • Prepare the annual plan for activity implementation
  • Prepare Terms of Reference for various consultants, recruit competent consultants, and follow up their plans
  • Develop summary policy brief of the researches to be prepared to advocate for legal protection for widows in Iraq

Collaboration and Coordination

  • Coordinate and lead Oxfam managed activities related to the programme, and facilitate networking among partners
  • Initiate understanding of the dynamics of power and key players in promoting social protection for widows in Iraq
  • Coordinate closely with Oxfam team from other programmes to learn from the experiences on promoting gender equality in the region
  • Coordinate with Oxfam Lebanon gender team on relevant initiatives related to gender equality
  • In Collaboration with the Media Officer in Oxford upgrade the profile of the programme by reflecting stories and lessons learnt, regionally and globally
  • Arrange for all national and regional initiatives/conferences/workshops
  • Coordinate and collaborate closely with the finance team in Beirut on budget related issues
  • Collaborate with the Campaign, and policy team in Oxford in relevant issues to improve programme quality
  • Assist on other task as requested by the Line Manager and as deemed necessary for programme development
  • Participate in all relevant events on women's legal rights and represent Oxfam GB
Key competencies:


  • University or Master degree in social or political sciences or related discipline, including law and gender and development
  • At least three years of experiences with national, INGOs in programme management and implementation, including budget monitoring, planning, and monitoring and evaluation
  • Excellent oral and written communication and writing skills in English and Arabic
  • Arabic language is a must
  • Knowledge of gender and gender equality and relevance to poverty and vulnerability
  • Knowledge and skills in computer usage including power point and social media


  • Understanding of women's situation in Iraq
  • Understanding of the regional context, including the political context and implications on women
  • Demonstrated capacity of social and communication skills and ability to work with others and as part of the team
  • Willingness and fitness to travel for sustained periods of time
  • Ability to work under stress and in a team
  • Committed to Oxfam principles and willing to learn and grow in the organization
Contract terms:

LEVEL: D1 One year fixed term contract, renewable for additional 2 years. DIVISION / DEPARTMENT / LOCATION: Inter/ MEEECIS/ Lebanon JOB FAMILY: Programme SALARY: 1,700 US per month (gross salary - in addition to allowance as per Lebanon labour laws - and Oxfam additional benefit of gratuity) - National post

Note: This job profile is not incorporated into the employment contract. It is intended as a guide and should not be viewed as an inflexible specification as it may be varied from time to time in the light of strategic developments following discussion with the post holder. The post holder will be expected to work to agreed objectives, which should facilitate achievement of the key responsibilities in accordance with the Performance Review Process.

Reporting lines: Post holder reports to: Country Director - Lebanon

Coordination: Closely with Oxfam gender team (Programme and Finance), in Lebanon officer and well as with partners and relevant stakeholders

Budget responsibility: Over all management of the programme budget. Budget monitoring and adjustment as needed

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