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‘My hijab is not against justice’


Under the slogan, ‘My hijab is not against justice’, the students of the faculty of law staged a sit in yesterday in front of the Justice Palace in Beirut demanding the right of mouhajabat to enter the judiciary equally with other citizens as mandated by the Constitution. The move came after a veiled Lebanese woman, Amani Alji revealed that an unspecified ‘bylaw’ in the Justice department has prevented her from entering the Institute for Judicial Studies. Alji pointed out that one of the judges in the oral exam committee sarcastically asked her: “what is the story behind your hijab?”, adding, “you cannot enter the Institute with a veil on your head.” During the protest, the professor of human rights, Dr. Halima Qaaqur, said: “I teach human rights, and I believe that any protection of the freedom of belief is a public issue rather than a private personal one, whether you wore a hijab or not.” She stressed her support for the freedom of belief, equality and justice, on which the State should be built, as she said. The students, for their part, noted that the muhajaba is educated and has successfully reached the Legislature and the cabinet, and seized the highest public positions, hence, why should an internal custom prevent her from entering the judiciary. “This causes moral damage and therefore must be lifted,” they stated. (Al Akhbar, April 11, 2019)

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