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‘Your path; your decision’ women’s race at Beirut Port


In collaboration with NCLW, the Beirut Marathon Association launched on Wednesday its 6th edition of the women’s race to be held on March 31st within the Port of Beirut. NCLW president, Claudine Aoun Rukuz, wondered on the occasion how many years and decades “do we need to recognize women as full citizens, and how much effort ought to be exercised by women themselves to claim an equal position in decision making with their male peers.”? The race’s slogan, ‘Your path; your decision’, Rukuz explained, is one of many initiatives targeting and inspiring women to draw their own dream path, while nothing should impede them to realize themselves. The law, she stressed, is the quickest path to justice, requiring the adaptation of unfair legislations and the enactment of new ones to the end of protecting the rights of women on par with men. For her part, Zeina Kiriakos, representing Saradar Bank, said the race is more than a sports event. It motivates the woman to overcome all roadblocks to reach her goals. (Al Mustaqbal, February 14, 2019)

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