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‘Your small project’ in Tripoli


In collaboration with the Arab Planning Institute (API) and Dar al Ilm lil Malayeen, Al Azm wal Saade Association organized yesterday a series of training activities in Tripoli, entitled, ‘Your project: from idea to planning’. Lecturing at the workshop, were API director for SMEs, Ihab Moukabala, and the former Egyptian minister of planning, Ashraf Arabi. The workshop addressed several topics, notably: entrepreneurship, innovation and small enterprises in terms of concept, characteristics, significance, course of action and resources of innovation from the idea to the market, in addition to an introduction to small enterprises and the differences of terminology and definitions involved. Lecturers also outlined the course of development of a small enterprise from an idea to implementation and the various obstacles it encounters as well as ways to overcome them, up to the marketing and end product phases. In conclusion, the presenters stressed the importance of entrepreneurship in today’s world, as compared to the routine life of a job, pressing for a sound and healthy environment for the growth of startups. (Al Diyar, January 10, 2019)

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