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“Man hiya” Project: Women refugees struggle for livelihood through crafts production || Newspapers (Arabic)


Al-Safir newspaper published a report on Amel “Man Hiya’ project, which is implemented by the association in its centre in Ain Remeneh and aims at creating economic and social opportunities for marginalized women and refugees, through providing training and production facility in handmade crafts and artifacts.
In her report, Carol Kerbaj, reveals stories of women refugees from Iraq, Sudan and Syria who were oppressed for various reasons, and who escaped from abduction and death threats to find themselves sharing the same livelihoods struggle in Lebanon. Shatha, an Iraqi refugee and the coordinator of Amel nursery located at the center, indicated that she fled from Najaf to Lebanon with her 2 kids in 2005, after she was traumatized when her 7 years old boy was abducted. In Lebanon, she was introduced to Amel Association where she gradually learned how to manufacture jewelries and accessories that earns her now extra income in addition to her monthly salary. For her part Raeda, found refuge in Lebanon at the end of 2010 after the bombing of Saydet Al-Najat church in Baghdad. Raeda is now able to relieve her tension and sorrow by getting involved in producing crafts. Even though the generated income is not significant, for Raeda, this work represents a space to create colors and struggle for livelihoods.
Source: Al-Safir 9 January 2013

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