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2018 elections counter: 87 candidates of whom 15 women


The latest update on the number of candidates for the 2018 parliamentary elections in its 24th day closed yesterday at 87 nominees, including 15 women. The distribution of women candidates across constituencies rested as follows: Leila Hassan Shhud, (North 1st district, Akkar); Paulette Sirakian Yacobian and Jumana Atallah Sallum, (Beirut 1st district); Dalal Halim Al Rahbani, Hanan Othman, Faten Faysal Zein, Rola Tufic Al Huri and Salwa Ayub Khalil (Beirut 2nd district); Zeina Joseph Kallab, (Mount Lebanon 1st district, Jbeil-Kesrwan); Ghada Ghazi Maruni and Hayat Shafic Wahhab, (Mount Lebanon 2nd district, Shuf-Aley);  Maggy Badi3h Aoun, (Beqaa 2nd district, West Beqaa-Rashayya); Wa3ed Hussein Sukkarieh and Cinderella Elias Methej, (Beqaa 3rd district, Baalbaq-Hermel) and Abir Ghalib Ramadan (South 3rd district, Nabatiyeh-Bint Jbeil). (For the full names of candidates in Arabic, please check: 
On the subject of women participation in the elections, the British Ambassador Hugho Shorter, after meeting house speaker Nabih Berri yesterday, praised Amal Movement’s inclusion of one woman on its electoral list, describing it as a step forward and hoping that Berri will continue to step up women representation in the Legislative to reach a quota of 30%. In a related vein, Al Akhbar newspaper spotlighted today the nomination of the leftist activist in ‘Bidna Nhassib’ civil society campaign, Neemat Badriddine, who decided to run independently for the South 3rd district. Badriddine, the newspaper wrote, succeeded in challenging the strong Hizbullah-Amal list in the students council at the Lebanese University School of Information. She defied the male-dominated parties when she joined but quickly pulled out of the Lebanese Communist Party for this reason and chose to take her struggle to the streets. Badriddine revealed that she is entitled to run for elections as a right guaranteed by the law, yet victory is unlikely, given her political opposition of the ruling parties. Nevertheless, she stated, paves the way for her participation in future parliamentary elections. (Al Mustaqbal, Al Akhbar, An Nahar, March 2, 2018)

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