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2019 best year for tourism in Lebanon


The tourism minister, Avedis Guidanian, said yesterday he expected the upcoming tourist season to surpass yet the best recorded season of 2010, pointing to a nearly 80% occupancy rate to date. Guidanian was speaking during an open dialogue with AUST students under the motto, ‘The media and its role in serving tourism in Lebanon’. The minister confirmed the arrival of large number of Arab and GCC visitors after the month of Ramadan, revealing an integrated plan by his ministry that involves a diversity of markets, including Europe, China and India. For his part, the director of the Media Department at AUST, George Farha, suggested setting up a national strategy for tourism media, as well as cooperation between the ministries of tourism and information and between the private media sectors and universities. The purpose is to draw a joint media-tourism vision within the framework of a comprehensive plan that can be feasibly applied online, in addition to organizing promotion and publicity campaigns in coordination with private and public tourism establishments to create an attractive environment for tourists. (Al Mustaqbal, April 25, 2019)

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