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2019 flower market opens in Karantina


At the invitation of the Syndicate for Flower and Seedling Farmers in Lebanon, the governor of Beirut, Ziad Shbib, inaugurated yesterday the 12th edition of the Flower and Seedling Market in Karantina in front of Forum de Beyrouth. During the opening, Shbib said the municipality has opted this year to be the first and main customer of local flower farmers and the Syndicate itself, noting that it has received and planted the first bunch of geranium seedlings (around 10,000 seedlings), awaiting the remaining batches. The purpose of this initiative, Shbib maintained, is to encourage farmers, while sending a message to Beiruti residents that they should cherish and grow this authentic heritage flower of their capital inside their homes and on their balconies. This helps in the revival of the true image of Beirut which sadly has been taken over by concrete buildings, Shbib noted. For his part, the president of the Syndicate of flower farmers, Elias Kamel, demanded the construction of a permanent flower bazaar that sustainably contributes to the development of the sector. He underlined the importance of the market in attracting tourists and flower experts from around the world to come and learn about the excellent quality and amazing flower production of Lebanon, owing to the distinctive expertise of local farmers coupled with the country’s ideal climate. Likewise, deputy chief, Joseph Abu Zeid, thanked Beirut governor and the ministries of agriculture and labor for their serious efforts to shut down illegal flower shops across Lebanon as they sell foreign brands that illicitly compete with domestic industry and impact the livelihoods of Lebanese farmers and producers. (Al Mustaqbal, An Nahar, March 20, 2019)

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