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43 Women candidates for the parliamentary elections


The ‘Coalition for Women of 2013 Parliament’ that includes more than 150 woman organisations indicated in a statement issued by the coalition, that the total number of candidates after the closing of nominations to the forthcoming parliamentary has reached 706 nominations of which 43 are women. The statement of the collation added that despite the fact that the above-mentioned number does not reflect the aspirations of the woman organisations nevertheless it clearly reaffirm the determination of women to actively participate in political life especially in decision-making positions, particularly if compared to the total number during the 2009 elections when only 12 women applied.
A quick review of the names of the candidates indicates the following distribution per district: 9 candidates in Beirut-3 district, 5 women in Tripoli and Zahleh, 4 in Baabda and Kesrwan, 3 in Beirut-1 district, two woman candidates in each of West Beqaa, Rashaya and Matn, and one in each of Koorah, Bsharreh, Akkar, Baalbeck-Hermel, Nabatieh, Jezzin, Saida, Shoof and Beirut-2 district.
In the same vein, the parliament organized in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) a dialogue session entitled, ‘The role of parliament in strengthening Lebanese women’s participation in political parties, parliamentary elections, and decision-making processes’. The objective of the session was to involve various stakeholders in discussions on the topic and to record their views and suggestions in preparation for a study that will put forward practical recommendations on how the parliament can strengthen women’s participation.
Source: Al-Nahar, Al-Dyiar 30 May 2013

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