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50 thousand tons of Lebanese bananas to Syria


Member of the Loyalty to the Resistance Parliamentary Bloc, MP Hassan Ezzedine, announced on November 5 that an agreement was reached with the Syrian government to export around 50,000 tons of Lebanese bananas to the Syrian markets. This comes in the framework of supporting Lebanon’s agriculture and farmers, strengthening productive economy and reviving the relationship between the two neighboring countries to further facilitate obstructed matters. Ezzedine revealed that this step will be followed by similar steps related to exporting citrus goods to Iraq. Ezzedine was speaking during his meeting with a delegation of the Syndicate of Banana Exporters in the South, the Gathering of Banana and Citrus Growers in the South, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Saida and the South, Jihad Al Binaa Development Association, the Regional Cooperative Union in the South and a number of southern farmers. He thanked the Syrian authorities and the economy and agriculture ministries, lauding efforts made by the Hizbullah-led bloc to this effect. In response, the farmers’ delegation thanked Syrian President Bashar Assad and Hizbullah, and all parties who contributed to expediting banana export. (Al Diyar, November 6, 2020)

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