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55% of women and men in Lebanon cannot save whilst 65% face difficulties in covering food expenses || Newspapers (Arabic)


The preliminary results of the national study on "knowledge of financial matters" undertaken by the Bassel Fuleyhan Finance Institute in collaboration with the World Bank and Consultant & Research Institute (CRI), indicated that more than 55% of women and men in Lebanon are unable to save from their monthly salaries whilst 63% face severe difficulty in securing food and other basic necessities.

In its new issue, the Ministry of Finance newsletter also released data related to financial knowledge amongst Lebanese women and men.  The newsletter highlighted the importance of financial management through drawing sound financial plans.  The Newsletter noted that according to the aforementioned study, 50% of women and men in Lebanon do not draw a clear financial plan for their monthly income and expenditures, 50% do not even know the amount of their weekly expenditures and 70% are not even aware of the exact amount of money at their disposal to meet their daily expenditures.
Source: As Safir, Al Mustakbal, An Nahar - 30 October 2012

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