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6 female astronauts (including one Iranian) join NASA


A new class of six women and seven men have graduated from the space agency NASA, and are now eligible for spaceflight assignments after completing a two and a half year training course at the space agency, An Nahar reported yesterday. The new cohort, nicknamed ‘The Turtles”, reflects an approach to increase female representation and diversity within NASA, An Nahar said. The latter pointed out that among the female crew, is the Iranian, Yasmine Mokbili, MIT graduate, who was a helicopter pilot before joining the NASA. Mokbili was known as a tough woman when she flew an attack helicopter in Afghanistan before becoming the first US astronaut of Iranian origin. In an interview with AFP, Mokbili said she hoped she would become a role model for others of similar ethnicities and backgrounds. (An Nahar, January 13, 2020)

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