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75 Syrian girls freed from a Lebanese human trafficking mafia located in Jounieh


Security forces in Mount Lebanon uncovered in a special operation one of the most dangerous human trafficking networks in Lebanon led by the Lebanese businessman, M.J, owner of Chez Maurice and Silver night clubs in Jounieh, north of Beirut who has been arrested three months ago. Around 75 of the girls who were liberated, the majority were Syrian nationals, admitted they have been systematically beaten and subjected to mental and physical torture, and forced to sell themselves under the threat of publishing their nude pictures. The Internal Security Directorate General pointed out in a statement issued to this effect that the “arrest has been made in two stages. On March 27 and 29, 2016, the above squad raided the nightspots and private apartments that used to house the girls in question. As a result, some 10 men were detained along with 8 women supposedly working as guards and managers of the said apartments, whereas 2 suspects are still at large.” The girls, the statement added, were handed over to a number of associations on the request of the competent justice department. Investigation is still ongoing to capture the remaining members of the trafficking network, the statement added. (Al Diyar, As Safir, April 1, 2016)

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