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9.7% expected growth of Lebanon ICT sector


The minister of administrative development in the caretaker government, Inaya Izzedine, disclosed yesterday that the IT and communications sector in Lebanon has seen a cumulative growth rate of 7% in the past years, anticipating a further growth of 9.7% by 2019. Izzedine was speaking during the opening of the Informatics and Telecommunications Conference organized by the Order of Engineers and Architects, 3rd branch (Consulting Electrical Engineers) under the title: ‘ICT in Lebanon: Towards a brighter future’. Izzedine said the distinctive feature of the IT sector is that it helps create complementary investment milieus among the vital economic sectors. She stressed that providing incentives and supporting stakeholders in their shift towards a knowledge-based economy can stimulate the growth of small and medium enterprises. Another feature of this sector, Izzedine maintained, is that it is considered as an essential source of comprehensive and sustainable development due to its contribution to growth and production, creation of jobs, innovation of environmental mechanisms and improvement of health conditions. For his part, the head of the OEA Third Branch, Jamal Haidar, pointed out that the ICT sector in the country embraces some 800 companies, mostly SMEs. He said that companies which produce software products and services employ around 5,000 high skilled people, with a growing demand on ICT skills on annual basis. (Al Mustaqbal, December 6, 2018)

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