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Abusive father acquitted, sex trafficking in Metn and the South


In the latest incidents of violence against women, the Beirut Criminal Court decided in the case of the girl minor Zainab. M charged with prostitution, her father Ahmad accused of sexually assaulting his child, and Maan. S for having sex with a minor. The ruling in absentia sentenced Maan for two months in prison but found the father and his minor daughter not guilty of their charges. The Court said that, in light of the results of investigation on the minor’s “indecent” conduct, the only evidence about the father’s sexual assault was based on the daughter’s statements which she recanted later, and hence, is insufficient to convict him. The Court also considered that what has been attributed to the father about luring his daughter into sex work was based on the statement of the defendant Maan, citing the girl. No evidence has been found that supports his statement. Regarding the body of a woman found in Dekwaneh-Matn (, the ISF Information Department uncovered the consequences of the killing of the Bengali female who ran a prostitution ring. Investigation has shown the involvement of three Bengali nationals and one Lebanese woman in the murder which was sparked by a dispute over money. On the other hand, the Regional Gendarmerie South Investigation Unit said it has information about a person who facilitated prostitution for his wife in collaboration with another woman. As a result, the Unit successfully uncovered the identity and location of the suspects, A.T (48 years), his Syrian wife A. T (29 years) and her national A. K (34 years) and arrested them. (Al Mustaqbal, October 6, 2018)

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