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Accelerated vocational training in Tripoli


The Economic and Social Fund for Development launched yesterday the Accelerated Vocational Training Program in Tripoli which is part of the EU-funded project to promote local economies in host communities, especially in areas most affected by Syrian displacement and to create jobs for economically-marginalized communities. The program includes an integrated package of training tools adaptable to labor market requirements and technological development, like, industrial electricity, maintenance and industrial mechanics, TOEIC Bridge and computer engineering leadership (MS). The program aims to rehabilitate trainees who are school dropouts or technical baccalaureate students and graduates in order to provide them with jobs in Tripoli and the environs, according to Mohamad Arabi, supervisor of the program. To note, the program will be implemented over the period of two years, and the training is free. (Al Mustaqbal, March 5, 2018)

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