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Agriculture in Lebanon between official’s helplessness and civic initiatives


The caretaker minister of agriculture, Abbas Mortada, deplored the weak resources of his ministry, blaming this on what he called a systematic and persistent neglect of agriculture, stressing the need to develop legislations that sustain the sector. On his part, Hizbullah MP, Hussein Jishi, during his tour of the ‘Khayrat Jabal Amel’ farmer’s market in the town of Abbasiyeh, Tyre, called on concerned parties to act responsibly, in terms of creating jobs and protecting farmers. Recalling, that the said market is organized every Saturday all year round in collaboration with the Regional Cooperative Union in South Lebanon and the Good Tree Association. The said event showcases all kinds of fruits, veggies, grains and food items, in addition to the traditional mooneh, honey, cheeses, dairy products and handcrafts. In a related vein, Jihad Al Binaa Development Association, jointly with the Municipal Work Directorate-Hizbullah and Agricultural Development Committee in South Lebanon, launched last week the third phase of ‘Al Hakura’ project for family agricultural production. The initiative, to note, aims to boost the steadfastness of farmers through supplying a group of owners of small vegetation gardens a share of the winter agricultural seeds of legumes and vegetables, covering Saida and the environs, Azza, Kanarit, Zeta, Ankoun and Houmin al Tahta. On the other hand, the Youth Pastoral Committee in the Maronite Diocese of Tripoli, North Lebanon, and Caritas Lebanon Youth, organized for the third consecutive week the agricultural project activities in support of the youth of Akkar within the parish lands in the outskirts of Qobiyyat. More than 30 jobs in agriculture were created for the young people in the area, while the produce from the land is sold at reasonable prices to help vulnerable households. (Al Diyar, October 18, 19, 2020)

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